How To Breed Strombonin Cold Island

How To Breed Strombonin Cold Island: My Singing Monster is a video game where players can raise their own monsters that create their own melodies and sounds. The game revolves around breeding different types of monsters to collect them all and create a beautiful melodic composition.

Many different kinds and types of monsters can be bred and awakened in the game, but one of the rarest of all is a monster called Strombonin. So let’s take a look at how to get one.

What is a Strombonine?

Strombonin is a mythic class monster and according to the official description, although Strombonin actually has the characteristics of a fire monster, it can be found in the liquid ice that floats freely in the icy cold waters of the cold island. The Strombonin is usually found with another monster, a unique slug called the Strombone.

The Strombonin is a mythical monster on the Cold Isle and can be transferred to the Mythical Isle after reaching level 15. This example uses the Strombone and creates the sound of a trombone. Strombonin is at level 9 and requires 3 beds and a size of 2×2. It costs 225 diamonds or 500 diamonds on Mythical Island. This monster likes Spunge, Cataliszt, Kab’s Wax, Shrini, and Cave Crystal Teleporter.

How To Breed Strombonin Cold Island

Cold island

If you play on Cold Island, you have to breed a Spunge and a Bowgart and hope for the best. However, remember that combining these two specific monsters with three elements can result in both. Additionally, this particular combination may result in a rare potbelly or a rare toe jammer if these become commercially available during breeding.

Mythical island

To get a Strombonin on your Mythic Island, you must first hatch it on the Cold Isle and feed it until it reaches level 15. After that, you can select your Strombonin and teleport to the Mythic Island.

Once you have your Strombonin on the mythical island, you must cross it with another mythical monster called Cataliszt. This creates an egg from which another Cataliszt or Strombonin hatches.

How To Breed Strombonin

Rare Strombonin

Like most other monsters in the game, Strombonin also has a unique, rare variant with a different design. So let’s take a look at how it can be refined. Just like the regular variant, you can light the wishing torches to increase the chance of getting the rare power bonus.

How to breed a Strombonin Cold Island: Rare

Cold island

Breed a rare Strombonin on Cold Isle is the same as brewing a common Strombonin by combining a Bowgart with a Spunge. However, to get a rare Strombonin egg, the rare Strombonin must be available in the shop during the breeding process. If this condition is met and you’re lucky, you’ll end up in your nursery with a rare Strombonin Egg.

Mythical island

As for hatching a rare Strombonin on a Mythic Island, you can do it the same way you would if you were trying to hatch a regular Strombonin. However, in order to get a rare Strombonin Egg, the rare Strombonin must be available at the time of mating a Cataliszt with a Strombonin. It’s worth noting that even if the rare Strombonin is available, your breeding process isn’t guaranteed to produce one.

How do I get Strombonin into my singing monsters?

To get Strombonin, you need to breed Spunge and Bowgart on Cold Island. Getting Spunge is easy; Use samples that combine to create the elements of air, plant, and water. Some possible combinations are Dandidoo + Toe Jammer, Quibble + Potbelly and Oaktopus + Tweedle.

On the other hand, if you want to get Bogwart, use monsters that combine to make Plant, Water and Cold elements. Combos include Maw + Potbelly, Oaktopus + Mammott, and Furcorn + Toe Jammer.

Once you have Spunge and Bogwart, you must leave them in the growth structure for the usual 23 hours to achieve the final result. However, it is worth noting that the success rate is not 100%, but can be improved by using Wishing Torches.

Strombonin cannot be teleported to Mythical Isle until you reach level 15. However, after teleporting one to Mystic Island, you can get a duplicate Strombonin by breeding Cataliszt and Strombonin.

Players can also get the Rare Power Bonus by using the same combination mentioned above. However, Rare Strombonin, like all Rare Monsters, can only be bred within a certain time period, which the developers communicate to players in advance. While the regular power bonus can be sold for 168,750 gold, the rare version can earn players a whopping 375,000 gold.

How to breed a Strombonin: FAQs

How to get a rare Strombonin bonus?

As a rare mythical monster, it is only available at certain times. The best way to get it is to cross Bowgart and Spunge.

How to breed a Strombonin mythic?

Strombonin is best obtained by growing Spunge and Bowgart. The standard incubation time is 23 hours.

How do you breed Tawkerr?

Since Tawkerr cannot be farmed, the only way to get permanent suits is to buy them.

How long does breeding on Mythical Island take 18 hours?

G’joob has an incubation time of 18 hours and Bleatnik has an incubation time of 1 day and 3 hours.

How to breed a Strombonin: Conclusion

This concludes our guide to farming both a Strombonin and a Rare Strombonin in My Singing Monsters. Now you just have to try it. Choose your breeding samples, light as many torches as possible and hope for the best. Good luck.

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